Total Solar Eclipse – August 21st 2017

I had a dream recently about the upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21st of this year, 2017. It was noteworthy in that I was completely lucid in the dream and was trying very hard to remember all the information being conveyed to me because it was important. However, I can only remember what I’ve written here.

During the eclipse in the dream, I saw a light in the corridor of my house; it had a magnificent corona around it, similar to the sun’s corona during a total solar eclipse. It appeared as a huge, whitish gold plasma field emanating from the light and it seemed very much alive and sentient.

I thought, Wow! This is amazing, and I marveled at the wonder of it. Then later as I passed a window or mirror, I saw my reflection and I too, had this amazing plasma-like corona emanating from me. I became very excited and filled elation. I noticed that my husband also had the same type of corona about him. A feeling overcame me of limitless possibilities that had never before been available to me. It truly felt like anything I could conceive I could do, and my heart was filled with great joy.

However, not everyone was affected by the eclipse in the same way. Many people were dying because of the eclipse. People were beginning to panic. Nonetheless, I knew that those people who were “dying” were not actually “dead” but were being ushered into a space more suitable for them, as I and others who were experiencing the corona and elation were moving into a space more suitable for us. I knew that regardless of how things appeared outwardly, there was nothing to worry about; that even though this event seemed like a disaster from one perspective, something wonderful was happening.

Just before I awoke from the dream, I saw an image of me leaning over to kiss Captain Picard from the TV series, Star Trek: The Next Generation. I am a huge Star Trek fan, and for me Captain Picard represents the quintessential explorer. This is relevant because I see my truest essence as a Creator/Explorer, and my purpose here has been to explore and learn from this Creation. Thus, this dream also represents to me the possibility of extending my explorations to even deeper regions of my core Self and advancing my level of consciousness.

Captain Picard also represents the embodiment of the world of The Next Generation. It is a world that has made peace with itself, a world that not only no longer pursues economic gain at the expense of others, but has dispensed with money entirely. It is a world that is driven by the desire to learn, to explore, and to better oneself through the pursuit of knowledge, creativity and striving to reach one’s highest ideals. Clearly though, in the series and the movies, it is a world still much affected by human flaws and is far from perfect. However, it is a major step up from the state of barbarism and savagery we experience today. So for me, the image of leaning over to kiss Captain Picard also represents my willingness to embrace (and possibly merge with) a higher, more advanced version of human consciousness, as well as a balancing of my inner masculine and feminine.

I see the energy of this eclipse as ushering in all these possibilities. Regardless of what events may unfold around this eclipse, for me it feels like an incredibly cathartic and positive event.

I present this dream to those who may be reading it solely as another perspective to consider and I am not making any predictions about what will happen as a result of this eclipse. Eclipses have a way of showing us what we have hidden from ourselves, and it will no doubt affect everyone differently and in deeply personal ways. However, I would urge anyone reading this to look deeper than the superficial world affairs of conflict and chaos, and to go within and explore what it reveals for you. My feeling is that some people will respond to this energy quite ecstatically, and others will feel fearful about it. There is no right or wrong in this and we must each reckon with ourselves. Set your intentions for your highest vision of yourself and focus only on that… and see what possibilities are revealed.

*Image copyright 2006 Stefan Seip, Stuttgart



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