What the Heck is the Perimen-Apocalypse?

This blog is my way of integrating and documenting two experiences converging in my life—those of the emotional and physical upheaval of perimenopause, and a process of spiritual revelation and uncovering, the origin of the word apocalypse. In my attempt to maintain a sense of humor about a process that usually does not feel funny at all, I call it the Perimen-Apocalypse. Of course, the term “apocalypse” in its conventional usage is appropriate too, as it often feels like running naked and screaming through the end of the world! These processes are so intertwined it is difficult to distinguish one from the other, so I will not try. And yet I must acknowledge that each process seems to facilitate the other.

The past couple of years have been a time of great emotional turmoil, physical changes and pain that has often left me overwhelmed, exhausted, confused and sometimes feeling that I am going insane. It has also been a time of healing, spiritual reconnection, insight, and occasionally, great hilarity.

The source of my insights in these blog entries is a combination of my own life experiences and an internal gnosis or revelation that comes from my expanded Self. I am also blessed to receive many insights from my husband who is also undergoing a process of apocalypse. Any other sources will be credited.

This blog is my attempt to make sense of it all—to the extent that it’s possible—and share what I’m learning with others. That said, I feel I need to insert a little disclaimer here. I do not claim to be an expert on any topic other than my own experience. As this experience is in a continuous process of unfolding, my perspective and understanding are constantly expanding as well. As such, I retain the right to modify my interpretation of my experiences at any time, or even withdraw them completely. These insights and revelations are offered freely and are not to be construed as some definitive “truth”. Take what you will and disregard the rest.

Finally, all material presented here is copyright 2015 by the author and all rights are reserved. Any material not originating from the author will be stated as such. Also, kindly include the page link when sharing.

Thank you for visiting! Explore and enjoy.

Welcome to the Perimen-Apocalypse.

–P.M. Apocalypse


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